Rules and Regulations

    1. All personnel utilizing the PROTEUS Fitness Center must be a “Member”. Membership is exclusive to PROTEUS employees and partners.
    2. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the facility.
    3. Members who participate in the Fitness Center will be doing so at their own risk. PROTEUS Fitness, LLC. is not responsible for any injury and/or death that may occur due to individuals participating in any exercise activity and/or utilizing the facility. Participation in exercise activity is on a voluntary basis, and at your own risk.
    4. It is the responsibility of all members to consult with their physician prior to use of the facility.
    5. Members are required to use their own access badge to enter the PROTEUS Fitness Center. Members will be charged for lost badges and/or replacement badges.
    6. Members are required to sign in during each visit to the PROTEUS Fitness Center.
    7. The PROTEUS Fitness Center is intended to provide each member a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to exercise for general fitness purposes. Bodybuilders and some highly-conditioned athletes may find that another facility better suits their workout goals.
    8. Attire:
      • Proper athletic attire and tennis shoes must be worn at all times.
      • Absolutely no sandals, high-heels, open toed or open-backed shoes are permitted.
      • No jeans or jean shorts allowed
    9. No food is permitted in the PROTEUS Fitness Center.
    10. Water and/or sports drinks are permitted provided they are in seal-able, plastic containers. No glass bottles are permitted.
    11. Audio equipment is not permitted unless it is a personal unit (such as an iPod) equipped with headphones.
    12. No smoking and/or tobacco products are permitted in the PROTEUS Fitness Center.
    13. The PROTEUS Fitness Center is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.
    14. Members are required to clean-up after themselves, discard trash, and remove personal items after each use.
    15. For safety reasons, personal items, bags and other items are to be stored in the closet and not on the PROTEUS Fitness Center floor.
    16. All members are required to wipe down cardio and weight room equipment after each use. Paper towels and disinfecting spray is available for use.
    17. Weight Area Etiquette:
      • Please allow members to “work in” between sets.
      • Please return weights to the tree or rack where you found them.
      • Please do not set weights against walls, mirrors, benches or other equipment.
      • Please do not drop weights or dumbbells on the floor or benches.
    18. Cardiovascular Area Etiquette:
      • Please be considerate of other members wishing to use the cardiovascular equipment.
      • Please observe a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment.
    19. Please report damaged equipment immediately to the Facilities Manager.

The member agrees to comply with the PROTEUS Fitness Center’s Rules and Regulations described above. He/She understands that their use of the facility is a privilege which may be terminated by their failure to comply with the Fitness Center Rules and Regulations. Further, they understand that PROTEUS Fitness Center, LLC. is not owned, operated, or affiliated with PROTEUS Technologies, LLC.